The board dinner event, “The Board’s role in strategy, governing ecosystems and artificial intelligence”, held in Stockholm, Sweden in mid-November 2019, was co-organized by two board research projects: SISU Boards led by Professor Mats Magnusson of the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and led by Professor Robin Teigland of Chalmers University of Technology and by Chairman Liselotte Engstam of Digoshen/Innovisa engaged in both research projects. The event, as well as both research projects, are co-sponsored by Vinnova – the Swedish Innovation Agency. The objectives of the evening included the following:

  • To learn more about the topics of strategy, governing ecosystems and AI from two globally leading experts
  • To share experiences and potential best practices with other board members
  • To contribute to board research under confidentiality.

Boards event 4boardsai

The event, hosted by the company Creuna, was divided into two sets of activities: 1) speaker presentations and 2) roundtable discussions. Speakers included two globally leading experts, Anastassia Lauterbach and Sebastian Herzog, as well as Researchers Chairman Liselotte Engstam and Professor Mats Magnusson. To read a summary of the speakers’ presentations as well as some insights gained through roundtable discussions with event participants, please go to this page.

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