Rapid advancements in digital technologies, and in particular artificial intelligence (AI), along with increasingly dynamic, complex competitive environments are inducing firms to develop new competences and inter-organizational processes. However, very little research has been conducted to date on how this new competitive environment is influencing corporate governance with regard to the innovation and sustainability activities of boards. Thus, the aim of this research project is to develop and disseminate research-based knowledge and a set of best practices and tools to enable boards to successfully govern and leverage AI in their innovation and sustainability efforts across the four levels of corporate governance activity, i.e., processes, competences, tasks, value creation (Huse, 2018). This application was put together by Chalmers University of Technology (Professor Robin Teigland). To guarantee a good balance between new research-based knowledge and potential for practical application, Chalmers has put together a team of researchers and practitioners to drive the project in the field.