Robin Teigland

Robin Teigland is Professor of Strategy, Management of Digitalization, in the Entrepreneurship and Strategy Division at Chalmers University of Technology. In 2017 and 2018 Robin was listed by the Swedish business magazine, Veckans Affärer, as one of Sweden’s most influential women, primarily in technology (#12 in 2017 and #6 in 2018). Robin also co-leads the Peniche Ocean Watch Initiative in Peniche, Portugal. The Peniche Ocean Watch Initiative (POW) aspires to enable a blue circular economy and global best practice in tackling ocean waste and regional rejuvenation through joining forces with local efforts in the coastal areas of Peniche and facilitating knowledge sharing and creativity in ocean-based industry and digitalization.


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Liselotte Engstam

is an experienced international leader and non executive board director. Ms Engstam has more than 20 years of General Manager and Executive Leader in major European, American and Indian companies in technology, engineering & professional services sectors. She brings strong strategic skills, extensive digital, corporate innovation and startup experience, and has a successful track record in expanding across different markets and geographies. Ms Engstam has led new establishments, expansions, mergers and restructuring and been in governance roles of both companies as well as complex global product and services development programs. She has led and consulted with both local and global growth companies in need for reaching new markets, redefining offerings or redefining ways to communicate with customers and employees for proven business results. Ms Engstam has worked as CEO, led major operating units in global companies, worked in strategy and change consulting roles and also started up new units as well as founded, and coached startups.

Fernanda Torre

Fernanda Torre embodies the interdisciplinary intersection between design, business and innovation, while exploring synergies between both practice and research. With a background in Graphic Design (Red Dot Design award 2014 with Gabor Palotai) and Experience Design (Beam me up, Scotty! Award in Helsinki design fair), Fernanda has made her way into innovation management (Stora Enso Innovation Award for Intelligent Packaging 2016). Nowadays Fernanda works is a founding partner at Next Agents and is MBA lecturer in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Stockholm School of Economics, where she is also an affiliated researcher in the House of Innovation (Department of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology).